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Funding Multi-Year Service Contracts According to the EAAS (Equipment as a Service) Model Applied to Networked Machinery (IIOT - Industrial Internet of Things): A Data Monetization Solution in the Digital Transformation Context - Industry X.0

Milan, March 19 2024

Paradigmix Srl ( and Phoenix Italia Srl ( have entered into an agreement that combines their respective roles, enabling the sustainable development of the EaaS (Equipment as a Service) model, allowing its financiability through the support of a patented Risk & Performance Management model aimed at governing the risks arising from service contracts.

Paradigmix Srl ( is a consulting company specializing in Risk & Performance Management applied to XaaS (Everything as a Service) business models, an acronym indicating the transformation of product sales into the provision of product-related services, subject to a periodic fee, focusing on networked machinery (IIOT - Industrial Internet of Things).

Phoenix Italia Srl ( is a financial advisor in partnership with the innovative SME ( has been authorized by the Bank of Italy and CONSOB (with resolution no. 22950 of December 20, 2023) to offer equity and debt sourcing services through an innovative crowdfunding club deal platform that provides access to participatory financial instruments (SFP) and Minibonds.

The new EaaS (Equipment as a Service) solution leverages the expertise of both companies to offer Industrial Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and machinery rental operators intending to use the EaaS (Equipment as a Service) business model in their commercial strategy the opportunity to:

  • Source funds for meeting the financial needs related to the construction/purchase of machinery.

  • Enter into multi-year EaaS service contracts with user companies.

  • Manage risks arising from EaaS contracts through Paradigmix Srl's patented methodology, which allows for determining the contract's health status on a monthly basis through the calculation of an 'trend score', certified through publication on the blockchain, aimed at measuring and tracking the overall performance of the service contract.

  • Utilize, if required, the credits generated from the service contract as collateral for the obtained financing.

  • Determine the adequacy of the collateral for the duration of the service contract, if the machinery is pledged as collateral for the financing through non-possessory pledge.

  • Use Paradigmix's scoring evidence to provide structured and certified feedback to financing counterparties.

Below are two concrete examples related to the construction of machinery:

  • Financing the construction of machinery through the issuance of Minibonds, with non-possessory pledges and credits generated from the EaaS contract as collateral. Even if entered into at t(0), the absence of a track record of the contract could affect the financial burden.

  • Financing the construction of machinery through the issuance of Minibonds, with non-possessory pledges and credits generated from the EaaS contract as collateral. To obtain a more accurate initial creditworthiness assessment, recourse to bridge financing with non-possessory pledges for an estimated period of 12/15 months can be made.

"The agreement between Paradigmix Srl and Phoenix Italia Srl represents a significant step towards the implementation and dissemination of the EaaS model in the Industry X.0 context," commented Dante Laudisa, CEO of Paradigmix Srl. "This collaboration not only facilitates access to funds for the construction and purchase of networked machinery but also offers an innovative approach in managing risks associated with multi-year service contracts."

"Through the partnership with Paradigmix Srl, we offer the opportunity to access innovative financial instruments applied to advanced Risk & Performance Management methodologies," added Serena Auletta, CEO of "In this way, we aim to pave the way for greater operational efficiency and new growth opportunities for companies embracing digital transformation in this sector."


Milan, March 7 2024

We are proud to announce that PARADIGMIX™ Srl is WINNER of the prestigious 14th edition of the LeFontiAwards®

The awards ceremony took place last night, March 7, at the enchanting Palazzo Mezzanotte, the historic home of the Milan Stock Exchange.

The motivation for this selection honors us, describing PARADIGMIX™ Srl™ a "a rapidly growing excellence and an industry benchmark, as a Leader capable of focusing on innovation, flexibility and quality."

We are aware that many challenges lie ahead, but we face the future with confidence and enthusiasm, even more motivated by this significant nomination. It testifies to our dedication, resilience and passion for innovation in the industrial and financial sectors. Our mission is to introduce a new business model through Servitization of related
industrial machinery and to enable the #banking of a long-term service contract with our industrial patent and underlying Risk Performance Management methodology.

Thank you to the LeFontiAwards® Editorial Board, the Business Community and everyone who supported us. We are grateful for this fantastic Award that is stimulating to continuously improve ourselves.​

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