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The analysis of such information sources, which are richer and more complex than those traditionally used, favours the introduction of a new specialised player in the market, to work alongside the entrepreneurs of the mechanical industry: we refer to it by the acronym DAS BUREAU – Digital Asset Servitization Bureau – and it is a mandated player that defines, maximises, and monitors the economic value extraction of the service contract, throughout the machinery lifecycle, using a risk and asset performance management model, such as PARADIGMIX – SERVITIZATION LIFECYCLE ENGINE.


Machinery manufacturing companies

The company entrusts the DASC with the management of the economic value of the service contract, based on a precise mandate, thus freeing up time and resources for the manufacturing company that will be able to focus on its core business and at, the same time, together with DAS BUREAU, provide an excellent service to its Clients. 

Manufacturing companies using machinery

DAS BUREAU supports investors interested in purchasing used machinery, fully depreciated, but currently used in the manufacturing company. This proposition is aimed at monetizing unexpressed value and can help provide fresh funds to manufacturing companies in a state of severe distress due to the Covid-19 crisis. 

DAS BUREAU is involved through its qualified partners in retrofitting the machinery to IOT connectivity so that, in consultation with investors, service contracts can be structured in accordance with the PARADIGMIX – SERVITIZATION LIFECYCLE ENGINE management model. This allows granting the use back to the manufacturing company while enabling the retention of specialised personnel along with the skill set, thus monetizing the value of the used machinery and keeping them in the company’s production cycle, while keeping employment levels under active risk and performance oversight implemented by DAS BUREAU per the investors.

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